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You may be wondering – What is Morfotech? The simple answer is that Morfotech is a labor of love. It began as a humble engineering project at Bilkent University, Turkey. It was related to something the both of us have always been passionate about – learning. While there were loads of fancy eye-catching heavily funded options to consider for our final year project, Arham and I decided to go with the more modest option. It was an educational robot nicknamed Morfobot, designed and manufactured in collaboration with the Bilkent Primary School under the guidance of their wonderfully, charming Principal – Burcak Hanim.

The result was a endearingly successful bot that caught the eye of the kids and their parents, and our professors alike. Armed with frills and features to rival even the most seasoned commercial options, Morfobot provided us with the perfect chance to develop both our passion for building and our drive to share our knowledge with the world.

Morfobot - A modular educational robot built by Morfotech for schools and children

The Morfobot – A modular educational robot for children

After graduation we were certain of one thing. We wanted to continue to provide services and develop products that benefited our society. Education in Pakistan was the one sector we both knew lagged far behind the rest of the world. Hence we decided to invest our time and energy in developing something that improved the quality of education in our country.

We realize each learner is unique and should set their own pace and understanding.

So what is Morfotech? We are a company providing innovative and educational products and services geared towards kids in Pakistan. Our goal is to increase tech literacy using a tech positive approach. Discarding traditional methods of teaching that have long since been replaced in other countries, we designed appealing, and practical kits that were engaging and educational at the same time. Our focus was to make them fun but also to instill and teach fundamental electronics and technology concepts in a manner that was first and foremost intuitive. It had to make sense to the learner. We also did away with boring classes and the generic teaching model where the rule of thumb is one size fits all. In doing so, we shifted focus away from a model that tried to teach 20 students at the same pace in the same way. Instead we realize each learner is unique and should set their own pace and understanding.

At Morfotech we encourage breaking the rules. Our core philosophy revolves around the idea that truly groundbreaking development occurs when people break free from structure and dare to think differently. This is why we encourage learners to use the guides as a rough map instead of a fixed series of instructions. They’re motivated to do their own experiments and tinker with the parts as much as possible because that is how we’ve developed our brains to learn.

One of the biggest hurdles learners will face is how to solve a problem when it occurs. Classrooms and traditional learning environments make it easy to ask a question and receive a solution right away but in an actual setting this is impractical. To truly implement a do-it-yourself, holistic approach to learning we encourage learners to go through the entire actual process of finding the right answer. We will expand on this further in a more detailed blog post on how to find the right solution whenever you get stuck.

Lastly, we want to thank each and everyone of the people who made this project possible. Be it the clients, the vendors, the proofreaders or the early beta review team. We’ve done our level best to iron out all the kinks in the products but if there’s any oversight on our end please feel free to shoot us a message at our email and we’ll always be a click away. To check out our products head on over to our products page, or learn more about our recently released Starter Kit. We love getting feedback about how our products have impacted you!



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