At Morfotech we believe the future is technology. Realizing the gap our current outdated education provides in this area, we wanted to provide an intuitive, hands on solution that allows our customers to develop a fundamental understanding of how technology works. We did away with the books and courses and built a system from the ground up that better reflects learning in the digital age


We aim to provide easy, fun and creative products geared towards any and everyone wishing to learn electronics. Whether you are an individual, group or an institute; we have a product to fit your need. Our experience has shown us that the best way to learn about technology is through a hands on approach which we have built into our products from the ground up


Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible opportunities to achieve their potential. Through our products we want our future leaders and thinkers to realize the importance and effect of technology in shaping society. It has now become essential in every sphere of life. We envision a society where our people are at the forefront of innovation and development and this will only occur with an in-depth mastery of how tech works


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Arham Zaheer Founder | Product Development Lead

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Hassan Ahmed Founder | Marketing and Operations Lead

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