Slide Morfotech Elementary Kit I want to: Build a Robot Learn Coding Start from the basics Learn More

Slide Morfotech Elementary Kit Recommended Ages: 7 - 12 years old Learn: morfotech elementary kit circuit design Circuit Design Elementary Kit Guide Mockup Easy-to-use Guide Integrated Science topics Go to Product Page Slide Elementary Kit Guide Mockup Our curated guides are designed to: Get Started - Connect them to practical applications to reinforce understanding - Conceptually build each topic - Integrate ideas to promote creating links between different topics

Slide Morfotech Starter Kit Morfotech Starter Kit Recommended Ages: 9 - 15 years old Learn: Mofotech Starter kit Robotics.jpg Robotics Example of Code for Kids Coding Mofotech Starter kit Circuit Design Intermediate Circuit Design Go to Product Page Slide Morfotech Code Block Coding Skills Go to Product Page Self-evaluate reasoning to troubleshoot issues Conditional Logic Statements i.e.
-if else loops
-do while loops
Interpret tasks analytically in computer friendly terms Creatively solve tasks using critical thinking

Slide Morfotech Obstacle Avoidance Kit Morfotech Obstacle Avoidance Robot Kit Recommended Ages: 12 - 18 years old Learn: Advanced
Morfotech Code Block Advanced
Obstacle Avoidance Kit Mechanics Advanced
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