What is Morfotech?

Morfotech is designed as a tech company for the modern age. We provide products designed to teach people the fundamentals of technology. We realize that modern consumers require solutions designed to reflect their vision and environment. Morfotech aims to do that by reflecting these principles in our core approach in this venture.

What are the fundamentals of technology?

The core concepts we aim to teach learners are

  1. Debugging : Finding and fixing an incorrect operation
  2. Correspondence : Strengthing associations and relations between actions (i.e. mind-mapping)
  3. Sequencing : Pattern building and flow
  4. Control Flow : Process under specified conditions and restraints

These are the core tenets of all coding and electronics. We gradually develop these concepts using practical and fun exercises designed to be equal parts educational and engaging.

Who are your products for?

The beauty of our products lies in the simplicity in our design. All too often we encounter products that assume that the learner is comfortable engaging with electronics. We’ve did away with that assumption because we believe it makes learning inaccessible to a large group of people. This means that anyone and everyone can get started with our kits and work their way to proficiency and understanding in technology.

Does this mean your products are only for beginners?

It might be easy to believe our products are not suitable for advanced learners. Fortunately, this isnt true. We wanted to provide something for everyone. This is why we’re also providing kits that are designed for learners with enough basic information to build circuits. They’ll be challenged to build more complicated projects and experiments designed to provide them with the perfect chance to apply what they’ve learnt.

Are the products only useful for following the guides?

While its true that the kits are designed with the guides in mind, we realize electronic components are not limited in scope. This is why our kits are designed with parts that can be reused in any circuit or project and are compatible everywhere. We do this to encourage their use long after the guides are completed.

Other Questions

How can I reach out to the Morfotech team?

We are always available at our email address : support@morfotech.com

Please feel free to reach us there for any queries, concerns or comments.

Do you only provide products for individuals?

We have started with products designed for individuals but we realize the importance of learning in groups and we’re open to provide resources and help to those looking for services tailored to group learning. Feel free to contact us for a more personalized service whether you are an institute or a club or just a group of friends!

Do you provide any discounts to people under special circumstances?

Our goal is to reach out to and help as many people as possible. We are open to idea of providing products and services at a discount to individuals or learners who cannot afford our products at their market cost.

Please feel free to reach out to us describing your circumstances in as much detail as possible and we will be happy to help you out to the best of our abilities.