Starter Kit for High Schoolers

Why choose the Starter Kit?

  • Coding and electronics is a huge advantage in many fields of study ranging from Economics and Management to Psychology and Biology
  • Data Analysis, Research and Optimization are some of the areas that require coding skills
  • The Morfotech Starter Kit provides the best opportunity for students to showcase their diverse interest in their college applications
  • It come with a professional certificate on the completion of the Starter Kit Guide


Morfotech Starter Kit Certificate
Morfotech Kit guides

Starter Kit for Homeschoolers

The Starter Kit and Homeschooling?

  • The Starter Kit is ideal for homeschooled children as a platform where they can learn essential social and technical skills
  • It features a detailed step-by-step guide that require basic computer skills to complete
  • The Morfotech Starter Kit is an ideal fun, bonding activity that can be completed by toddlers (9-15 years old) together with their parents
  • It teaches logic, correspondence, troubleshooting and many other crucial skills along with practical concepts such as electricity and energy


Starter Kit as a Gift

What sets it apart?

  • There is a considerable dearth of options to provide our kids with when showing our love and appreciation to them
  • Forget about the flimsy cars and dolls that gather dust in the cupboard and choose the Starter Kit as the perfect gift for your favourite little niece or nephew
  • The Morfotech Starter Kit will guarantee they will have an amazing time
  • Choose the Starter Kit today and get started on an unforgettable journey


Morfotech Gift Image

Get your kit today and start coding!